Friday, July 20, 2012

 If  you have been shopping around for debt relief plans, chances are that you have already heard of CuraDebt. CuraDebt is a debt settlement company in the United States that claims to have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses get out of debt since it started operations in 1996. Of course, most debt settlement and debt consolidation companies would claim that distinction for themselves in order to attract customers into their doorstep.  It is not unheard of for some of these companies to turn out to be scams that stole money from their customers. That is just one of the sad realities of the industry, which is why it is important for would-be clients to take a close look at the debt relief plans they will be joining before signing up.

The best debt relief company is designed to provide the consumer with a means of debt relief.  Have you ever worried about how you are going to pay all of your bills?  Possibly your financial situation has changed and now all of your bills are piling up and the interest rates are going higher and higher.  If this is the case, then debt consolidation is for you.

There are four reasons why you should choose debt consolidation.  They are: to get your budget in order, make your payments easier to manage, obtain a reasonable interest rate and most importantly, peace of mind.
  • Budgeting: Making a budget can make an astounding difference in your financial situation.  Budgeting helps you determine where you are going to spend your money and how.  Many people live on budgets and most of those people find themselves very happy and successful with their program.  People that do not have a budget have no plan, no outlook, and most often, no money.
  • One payment: Debt consolidation is a great way of getting your budget under control and having only one payment.  There are many debt consolidation services and you, as the consumer, need to carefully check out the debt consolidation advice that you are given.
  • Interest rate reduction: One of the best benefits of debt consolidation is to lower your interest rates.  Depending upon the size of your debt, the reduction of interest rates can save you a great deal of money over time.  Most debt consolidation programs or loans are designed to help you find debt relief.
  • Peace of mind: You are probably wondering how you buy peace of mind.  Actually, as you know, you do not.  However, if you have your bills under control and are paying on time, then you have peace of mind.  Debt consolidation brings debt relief and debt relief brings peace of mind.
The four reasons for choosing  the best debt consolidation company are all very important and debt consolidation is one way of getting your financial situation under control and manageable.  Finding the best debt relief company will lead you in the right direction.


Many people in today's society are looking for a quick fix for their financial situation.  However, as you know, a quick fix is not the best route to take. Getting yourself a budget and tracking your finances will help you immensely. Where as, working and living without a budget will send you to the poor house.
The ultimate goal for debt consolidation is peace of mind.  The peace of mind you get by having your bills and finances in order is so unbelievable.  Debt consolidation is the best means of getting the debt relief you deserve.  The best debt relief company will give you information and help you gain the understanding of debt reduction and debt consolidation.  The advice that you receive from the best debt help company is amazing and as you know, that is the key to becoming debt free.

Now, is CuraDebt for real and as good as its word or is it just hype?  Here is a short description of the advantages and disadvantages of signing up with the company.

The Advantages of CuraDebt

The company seem to have a lot of advantages going for it. The biggest among these advantages is the fact that the company makes its earnings on a commission basis. This means that if you sign up for its debt relief plan, you get to pay the company according to the actual savings that you will generate from the company's program.
Thus, the company will have a bigger percentage of commission and the bigger the savings that you get from its plan. One would say that this is a true win-win situation. You save more money and get to be free from debt and the company gets a bigger paycheck. The company need to work hard to get you out of debt because they have a lot at stake in it. Besides this, the company claim to have the manpower to do it. The company is staffed with people who are experts at what they do for a living. They have a support team that consists of financial advisers, credit arbitration experts, lenders, lawyers and psychologists. Just recently, they have added more counselors to ensure that their clients receive quick and well-attended service. Also, the company seem to have a proven track record. The company has been in business since 1996, although they only went online in 2001. The company is also a good standing member of various organizations in its trade, such as The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC) and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. Plus, it received A and A+ rating for 9 years in a row from 2000 to 2009. CuraDebt also has a money- back guarantee that you can take advantage of if the company's service does not work for you.

The Disadvantages of CuraDebt
The disadvantage with CuraDebt is that the company seems to be withholding information about itself by actually disclosing a lot of information about itself.  It certainly sounds like a paradox, but it only means that if you want to get to know more about the company and its program, you need to send in your email address and phone number. Also, the company claims to be associated with a non-profit organization, but it does not name which one. In recent years, it has received D- rating from BBB. The reasons for this are BBB is concerned with the industry in which this business operates and there were 3 complaints which were not resolved sufficiently by the company.

After reading this CuraDebt review, it's now up to you whether to check out CuraDebt or not.